Server Rules

Please note: Darkark is meant to be a hostile player vs player combat environment designed for real hardcore raw pvp battles. This means our rules
we have setup are designed not to limit or police player vs player interactions but to ensure player safetly while playing on the in-game servers so please understand this community is strictly designed for player vs player battles
and not pve battles.

We follow the official Studio Wildcard
code of conduct for Ark: Survival Evolved. Any breach of their rules or ours will result in a ban.

1.0 English only in global.

1.1 Ensure you do not inflict any form of misconduct. Do not try and force dictatorship, blackmail others, create toxicity, and ruin the game for other players in the community. This includes but is not limited to language which is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, homophobic, sexually explicit, or racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive. This is PvP, trash-talking is okay but if it gets out of hand the situation will be reviewed and dealt with accordingly.

1.2 You must always use a legitimate character, tribe, and dino name(s). It is forbidden to use any symbols not found in the English alphabet. You also may not call your character “Human”, “Survivor”, “Player”, “123”, “321”, “OneTwoThree”, “□□□” or anything similar and no use of emojis under any circumstances.

1.3 Do not a prison or cage offline players.

1.4 You are required to have the same tribe members and tribe name across the cluster, using multiple names to hide identity, rotating members, account sharing, or utilizing alt accounts is strictly forbidden.

1.5 Insiding is completely forbidden, this includes but is not limited to; leaving a tribe and taking items with you without tribe leader consent, disabling defenses to allow entry to another tribe or causing destruction from within the base prior or after leaving the tribe. Whoever the tribe leader has full ownership and can do with the tribe and its roster as they please. It is your responsibility to ensure you are in a trustful tribe, and if you wish to leave a tribe and take items with you then you must disclose it with your tribe leader first.

1.6 No mesh hitting or biting through walls or surfaces with the intent of destroying things on the other side illegitimately.

1.7 Maximum cage timer is 24 hours. (Rule does not apply if you are raiding, you can keep a player caged during the entire duration of the raid if it exceeds 1 day.)

1.8 Using exploits or forbidden creatures to do boss battles isn’t allowed.

1.9 All structures you place must be visible and able to be damaged via a legitimate method.

2.0 Do not block access to, build on or near the following points of interest unless actively PvP’ing or performing Boss Fights;

– Map Spawn Points
– Wyvern “Scar” located on “Ragnarok/Valguero”

2.1 The abuse of no collision building and placing structures or items on top of yours or another’s player model making them completely concealed, immobilized, or invulnerable is forbidden. This rule does not apply to dinos.

2.2 The use of unintended building mechanics raid method utilizing foundations, pillars, ramps, walls, & ceilings to build tunnels and enclosed pathways into enemy bases bypassing enemy defenses with the intent of destroying them from close proximity. Clarification: This rule DOES NOT apply to platform saddle creatures or to rafts & motorboats.

2.3 Using grapples to bypass turrets by exploiting isn’t allowed for raiding or pvping.

2.4 You are allowed to open-world “popcorn” this means mass dropping items from any inventories or containers into individual bags you have access to. The only form of popcorning that is forbidden is despawning of tribe items when being raided and facing imminent base destruction, essentially preventing the attackers from receiving any deserved loot. This includes any other methods like transfering or glitches that prevents raiders from getting the loot inside.

2.5 Tribes are allowed to work together to achieve common goals however, tribes are not allowed to team for raiding or defending.
(Expection being “Console” players are allowed to team for player vs player battles.)

2.6 You are allowed to third party PvP engagements and raids as long as you are actively engaging against all involved tribes evenly and your tribe log proves this. If your tribe log is found to be overwhelmingly in favor of one tribe over another – this will be considered teaming.

(Expection being “Console” players are allowed to team for player vs player battles.)

2.7 You are not allowed to use over-cap items, you must wait until they are capped via server restart or transferring to be eligible for use. (350% Weapons & 140%/112% Saddles)

2.8 Base locations inside “Rat-Holes” are allowed aslong as a turtle can fit inside the “Rat-Hole”. All base locations must be able to be raided via legitimate methods.

Any structures/spam left in forbidden areas in the world will be removed by an admin without warning.

We don’t allow nor tolerate fellow staff members or donators to break the rules. You will not see any sort of bias towards donators or fellow staff members this also includes content creators or anything in general who has a higher role within DarkARK. We hold everyone responsible for their actions we just want that to be clear and clarify that nobody will be shown favors to violation our rule structure. We highly encourage all users to report any rule violations against anyone who breaks rules we will hold them accountable based on the rule violation and punishment given.

Discord Rules

● Use common sense. 
● English only. 
● All channels must be used appropriately and solely for their intended use. 
● Aggressive or ‘toxic’ behavior is forbidden. 
● Homophobia, racial slurs, or racism is forbidden. 
● We have a salt channel where the rules listed above are redounded. Only use that channel if you are fully aware of the potential misconduct you may encounter. 
● Alt discord accounts are not allowed for any reason if an alt account is found it will be immediately banned and the main accounts punishment will be extended.

● There is be no advertisement for other ARK communities.

The following rules below must be obeyed in ALL channels including salt discord channel, this is for user safety. Any breach of these rules is considered a serious offense and you will be permanently banned from DarkARK discord without any chance of appeal.

These social areas are solely for DarkArk.
● Attacks on religions and religionist point of views.

● Pornographic, gore, and explicit content or media is completely forbidden. 

● Revealing people’s personal information. 

● Death threats or anything similar.

● Racial slurs, or racism is forbidden. 
● There is be no advertisement for other ARK communities.

Rule Examples

Example #1: User “A” is typing in a foreign language in-game and it’s starting to cluttering up the chat preventing other players from interacting.

Example #2: User “B” is trashing the server but using symbols or another language to do so without people noticing what is actually being said.

Example #3: User “C” is flooding the in-game chat to hide or mask legitimate in-game chat.

Example #1: User “A” has blackmail on user “B” and is only going to report user “B” at a later date to hold that over user “B”.

Example #2: User “A” is being out right toxic to the point of making the in-game chat unbearable for other server players.

Note: Keep in mind in-game chat is meant to be “R” rated and not PG-13 friendly. Toxicity in chat is to be expected in some regard.

Example #3: User “A” is abusing language that is becoming problematic in-game that is effecting server population in a negative aspect.

Example #1: User “A” joins server and makes username something like “123” to hide their real identity making it harder for players or staff to locate them.

Example #2: User “A” has a name with symbols that make it impossible for other players or staff members to locate or handle with in-game relations.

Example #3: User “A” is attempting to exploit and crash server using names that ark can’t format correctly causing performance lost.

Example #1: User “A” is handcuffing user “B” and holding him hostage for days why user “B” logged offline.

Example #2: User “A” is waiting to player logs offline to handcuff and abuse the rule.

Example #3: User “A” is mass trolling other players and having a negative effect on population control.

Example #1: User “A” is cycling out alt accounts to gain extra points or in-game metas to get an unfair advantage over others.

Example #2: User “A” is is rotating tribe members out to abuse in-game metas like player protection or offline raid protection systems.

Example #3: User “A” is using family sharing to bypass the banning system or to attempt to mask their identity.

Example #1: User “A” has joined tribe “B” and is planning on grabbing their loot and then leaving.

Example #2: User “A” is angry or upset with tribe “B” and decides to shut off generators to allow tribe “C” to raid tribe “B”.

Example #3: User “A” is joining the tribe to cause mayhem from within the tribe and to sabotage the tribe from inside out.

Example #1: Tribe “A” is raiding tribe “B” and is dinos to bite into a static mesh to kill enemies on the other side.

Example #2: Tribe “A” is using soaking raid metas to soak turrets from within the mesh or other in-game structures.

Example #3: Tribe “A” is attempting to destroy structures/dinos/etc from outside the static mesh or structures.

Example #1: User “A” is angry at user “B” and is holding them hostage past 24 hour timer.

Example #2: User “A” is mass trolling in-game population by locking them up and keeping them locked up for past 24 hours.

Example #3: User “A” is attempting to damage server population by pushing the limits of the rule structure.

Example #1: Tribe “A” is using an current exploit to allow them to do boss battles in a way that is considered exploitable and unfair towards others.

Example #2: Tribe “A” has found a way to bring in dinos that can’t be brought into boss battles and is abusing that to make boss battles easier.

Example #3: Tribe “A” has located a dupe or inventory glitch causing the boss battles to give more rewards each time.

Example #1: Tribe “A” is putting foundations under the mesh to prevent other tribes from destroying them.

Example #2: Tribe “A” is hiding loot under the mesh to prevent enemies from locating it.

Note: Hiding loot inside dinos during raids is fine and is not considered a rule violation.

Example #3: Tribe “A” is designing an unraidable base design where damage can’t be done via legitimate metas.

Example #1: Tribe “A” is blocking off a player spawn point making it impossible for new players to spawn in and start playing.

Example #2: Tribe “A” is blocking off supply drops making it impossible to farm blueprints.

Note: Building in artifact caves are allowed since the artifacts spawn a low % with in-game supply drops.

Example #3: Tribe “A” is blocking off dino spawn locations or other points of interest to get an unfair advantage this also includes note run locations.

Example #1: User “A” is attempting to put user “B” inside a glitched structure preventing user “B” from getting out via legit metas.

Example #2: User “A” is hiding turrets inside of foundations to make them shoot out but can’t take any damage from within.

Example #3: User “A” is attempting to exploit structures to make raiding impossible by immobilizing enemies.

Example #1: Tribe “A” is building structures that bypass enemy turrets by not allow turrets to proper like normal.

Example #2: Tribe “A” is placing structures within the enemies build radius zone bypassing the ark vanilla system.
Example #3: User “A” is building in areas that normally can’t be built at and is using it gain an unfair advantage over others.

Example #1: User “A” is using grapples to slingshot past enemy turrets causing the enemy turrets not to soak or deal any damage.

Example #2: User “A” is using grapples to slingshot at super fast speeds to get away from enemies during combat battles.Note: Normal grappling and tactics in player vs player interactions is 100% allowed and encouraged.

Example #3: User “A” is using an exploit with grapples to potentially mesh or bypass areas on map they shouldn’t be allowed.

Example #1: Tribe “A” is being raided and they start to despawn all their inventory loot before/during an active raid event.

Example #2: Tribe “A” has intel they will be raided tonight and decide to despawn the loot prior to the raid taking place.

Example #3: Tribe “A” is making the loot become impossible to obtain from enemies during raids examples being hiding it under the mesh or within foundations.

Example #1: Tribe “A” is being raided by tribe “B” and is requesting tribe “C” come help defend tribe “A” from being wiped.

Example #2: Tribe “A” is having friends go after tribe “B” when tribe “B” is raiding tribe “A”.

Note: If tribe “C” starts to hit tribe “B” and tribe “C” isn’t friends with tribe “A” then that’s 100% allowed and accepted. If 3 tribes are raiding each other at different locations then they have the right to fully player
vs player each other.

Example #3: Tribe “A” is giving their loot to tribe “C” to prevent tribe “B” from raiding or taking the loot before/during raid attacks.

Example #1: Tribe “A” is raiding tribe “B” and tribe “C” is raiding tribe “A” this would be accepted and allowed.

Example #2: Tribe “A” is defending against tribe “B” and tribe “C” goes to raid tribe “B” this would be allowed.

Example #3: All 3 tribes are raiding each other at different locations this would be accepted. Essentially everyone is raiding each other and no one is teaming.

Example #1:  User “A” has a weapon that is above the weapon cap and is using it in player vs player interactions.

Example #2: User “A” has found an exploit to get blueprints to craft above the limited server cap.

Example #3: User “A” is selling or trading weapons/blueprints/items that are bypassed the server cap.

Example #1: Tribe “A” built into a base location that is impossible to raid using normal ark metas.

Example #2: User “A” has to be knocked out just to get into base location.

Example #3: TTribe “A” location is considered borderline meshing and not accepted by server standards.

Rule Clarifications

To clarify this rule is meant to keep the chat moderated by not having spam of foreign lanugages inside the in-game chat and discord. We have nothing against foreign players who speak foreign languages but in order for our staff to moderate the chat we need to have a general idea or understanding of what is being said as our staff is only trained to handle english relations and actions within in-game.

To clarify this rule  is in small general terms means don’t be a toxic scumbag that everyone hates. Understand this though the servers name is called “

Ark” it’s meant to be dark and hostile in terms of player vs player interactions with each other. By no means does this rule imply we allow a player vs environment to take place we do allow some sort of toxicity on the servers. This rule is designed to keep everyone safe and secure without any unlawful harassment towards other players.

To clarify this rule we don’t allow in-game or discord names that are to mask your identity to hide from fellow staff members. This includes any name structures that multiple players are using to make it more challenging to locate
the correct playername.

To clarify this rule this is self explained you are not allowed to cage prisonsers why they are offline.

To clarify this rule structure this is much similar to rule 1.3 where you can’t mask your identity or use alt accounts to give an unfair advantage this does not apply to raiding or pvp battles where you have to logically bring
in friends and other players to win the raid or player vs player battle interaction. We don’t police interactions with raiding and player vs player as this server is considered heavy pvp and not pve rotating players in and
out of combat is allowed but rotating players out to gain an unfair advantage by exploiting or glitching the system then that’s considered abuse and not allowed.

To clarify this rule insiding is considered where you join a players tribe to raid them from the inside out. You are not allowed to take items or dinos when leaving the tribe if they are claimed by the other tribe members or
without the leaders consent of course. If you don’t like or support the tribe you may leave the tribe and raid them after a few days of being outside of the tribe itself. If you take items/dinos/etc and then you raid that tribe
right after leaving this will be considered insiding so tread lightly with this rule if you plan on leaving and raiding them at a later date.

To clarify this rule we don’t allow dinos or other methods of reaching inside a static mesh(Rocks/Cliffs/ETC) that allows you to hit the enemy on the other side and the enemy can’t hit you back. This would be considered mesh
biting and is against the rules we provide on the servers. Just to be extra clear this also applies to any methods/dinos/etc that are used for soaking turrets and other ark raid metas. So highlight stay out of the mesh in combat
and you’ll be fine!

To clarify this rule players who are caged have a time limit this time limit prevents population from leaving because of combat relations. If you are keeping players base the combat timer you are in violation of the rule and
you are damaging the servers population anyone who is maliciously attempting to hurt server population will be dealt with according. So please set a reminder or timer to release the caged enemy if you don’t you will be
held accountable.

To clarify this rule we don’t allow exploits or glitches that allows you to cheat the ark vanilla boss battle systems. If you abuse any exploits that give you an unfair advantage to gain more element via boss battles then naturally
you’ll be dealt with. So don’t try or attempt to cheese the boss battles by abusing exploits!

To clarify this rule we don’t allow in-game structures to be under the mesh where rockets/c4 or other raiding metas being able to not destroy them. All structures must be able to be destroyed by raiding metas in-game. If your base or structures is abusing a concept that makes them near impossible to raid via 
legitimate methods then you are in rule violation. So keep all your structures in a spot that can be raided it’s fine to make them challenging but regardless they need to be able to be raidable. Unraidable base designs aren’t
allowed essentially.

To clarify this rule we don’t allow players to block off points of interest on the server maps the reason behind this is to allow all players to be able to play ark in it’s fullest content without being obstructed by spam or
trolls. Essentially don’t block off points of intrest areas on any maps.

To clarify this rule we don’t allow players to use the “no-collision” server setting to give an unfair advantage over other players. Essentially making players stuck inside foundations or making them immobilized by obstructing
their player style.

To clarify this rule we don’t allow raid metas where you take zero turret damage by building tunnels and such to bypass defenses like turrets. This rule of course does not apply to dino platforms or any platforms for that matter.
Essentially raid a base normally without exploiting.

To clarify this rule we don’t players to abuse any exploits that allow them to take zero turret damage. This includes the famous glitch of using grapples to slingshot past enemy turrets. Using grapples in a raid is fine aslong
as they aren’t exploiting them.

To clarify this rule we don’t allow enemy tribes to popcorn or despawn their loot right before they are getting raided. They can despawn and popcorn loot any other time just not during or before active raid events. This does
not apply to open world player vs player interactions this is soley for preventing enemies from getting loot during raids.

To clarify this rule you can play together with friends and teams but you can’t work together for raid battles. Open world player vs player interactions are allowed and fine for teaming but using members outside of your own tribe
members to raid a base isn’t allowed and is considered teaming. This goes for raiding and defending your base.

To clarify this rule multiple tribes can be raiding each other at the same time aslong as all tribes are battling each other and not teaming to raid one tribe together. Essentially if “Tribe A” is raiding “Tribe B” then “Tribe
C” shows up to raid both “Tribe A and Tribe B” or if “Tribe C” goes and raids “Tribe A’s” base location why “Tribe A” is raiding “Tribe B”. Raiding each other is allowed and accepted but teaming against one tribe together isn’t

To clarify this rule we don’t allow in-game exploits or methods that allow you to bypass item cap limitations. Using these to give an unfair advantage against others in combat or player vs player interactions isn’t allowed. Essentially
use the items like they are meant to be used and don’t try to cheat the system.

To clarify this rule in regards to “rat holes” or essentially small/tight base locations that are challenging to raid is 100% allowed on DarkARK servers under one exception it needs to be able to be raided using legitimate raid
metas. Essentially if your base location can be raided you have no conerns but if it’s not possible to raid using raid metas then you need to pack up and move.